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Consultation + Supervision

From establishing a peer-to-peer consultation space for eating disorder professionals who share similar values, to consulting with dietitians hoping to learn more about mental health concerns and treatment within the context of their work, the consultation space is one I find invigorating and would be delighted to connect with you on

Consultation with me involves:

– Case consultation 

– Collaborative problem-solving

– Having questions on expert subject matters (eating disorders and body image) answered

– Exploration of clinical approaches and available resources for clients 

– Building knowledge and basic skills around clinically relevant interventions

– General consulting advice and input regarding business operations, staff team development, risk management, and investigatory issues.

Fee Structure For Consultation 

Group Consultation 

$250.00 / 60mins consultation session

Individual Case Consultation

$175 / 60mins consultation session

Didactic / Presentation 

Please reach out should you or your practice be interested in receiving a 1-hour didactic training on a topic of your choice. Areas of focus can include, but are not limited to:

– The Use of ACT + Values-Oriented Work in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

– Athletic Identity in the Context of Therapeutic Goals and Presenting Concerns

– Anti-Diet and HAES-Aligned Eating Disorder Treatment 101

Didactic Fee Structure

$100 / 60mins of preparation work 


$250 / 60mins presentation


If you are interested in receiving supervision for licensure clinical hours, or establishing a postdoctoral residency at Piper Psychological Services, please contact me at