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Group Therapy: “Taste Life”

We exist in a world where diet culture and beauty standards can make it difficult to navigate one’s relationship with food and body. If you have struggled with your relationship with food and/or body, you are not alone. “Taste Life” is a group structured to help members understand themselves, their relationship with food and body, and their emotional experiences in a group setting.

Group members will:

  • Explore, identify, and process emotions
  • Build understanding of interpersonal relationship patterns
  • Practice effective communication
  • Receive psychoeducation surrounding healing disordered eating patterns
  • Engage in experiential exercises and activities with fellow members
  • Learn skills for managing difficulties within one’s relationship with food, body, self, and others

Who is a good fit for the group? “Taste Life” is a group for individuals of diverse body sizes and identities who are motivated to process ways in which their relationship with food and body have shown up in their life experiences. Members are open to exploring group topics in a space where diet culture is challenged, and the experiences of all body sizes and identities are appreciated and respected.

*All members are required to complete free group screen consultations with Dr. Piper to determine if the group would be an appropriate fit*

What kinds of topics will be addressed in group? While this list is not exhaustive, these are common themes “Taste Life” will address: body diversity, relationships, diet culture, disordered eating, movement/exercise, recovery, body image, systems impacting relationships with food and body, general mental health concerns, family, and emotions.


Wednesdays 5:30-6:45pm (this group is ongoing, open-ended)

Place: 2150 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80211 Suite 330

Cost: $60

Who will be leading the group? Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Margaret Piper (me!). I work from a Health at Every Size®, weight inclusive, anti-diet perspective.

In acknowledgment of privileges I hold as a thin, white, cis provider, I recognize I may not share in some members’ lived experiences. I strive to approach group with humility in hearing, validating, and creating a safe space for members of diverse identities and backgrounds to reflect, share, and process, all that they wish to bring to group.