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Eating Disorders / Health at Every Size®

Relationships with Food, Body, and Movement


If you find yourself struggling with:

  • Frequent dieting or obsessive calorie counting
  • Rigid food restriction or skipping meals
  • Feeling anxiety, guilt or shame about certain foods or food in general
  • Placing rules and labels on foods being “good” or “bad,” and avoiding certain foods
  • Obsessive exercising, or exercise to “punish” for eating
  • Binging and/or purging
  • Self-worth or self-esteem because of your weight or body shape and weight
  • Feeling out of control around food

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We are human beings. Our abilities to think, to feel, to do, to connect with others, all require energy. Energy meaning nutrients, sustenance: food! When our energy source becomes a source of tension and fear, we start to lose sight of our authentic selves. Others may lose sight of our authentic selves. 

If you have started to notice that you do less of what you enjoy, that you feel irritable and fatigued, or that something about your physical self is holding you back from feeling present; you are not alone.

Many of my clients find themselves struggling due to a preoccupation with food, body, and exercise. Their thoughts, actions, words, and emotions become noticeably more and more attached to these areas of their lives and less attached to things truly important to them.

My hope is that through our work together we can identify your values so you can live in line with those values. We will work to build flexibility in your thoughts, more freedom in your food choices, and more joy in your movement.

I know this work is not linear and that there will be ups and downs. We will work to build compassion for yourself and your body throughout.

A wise individual once said, it is important “to ‘taste life.’” At the end of the day, I want each of my clients to be able to taste and to savor the life that is theirs.

More information on eating disorders and support resources can be found at:

Health at Every Size®

I approach my work from a Health at Every Size perspective, meaning I value respecting and celebrating body diversity.

In doing so it is important for me to recognize and to continuously reflect on the various privileges I hold that have protected me from harmful experiences people in larger bodies are subjected to.

It is my mission to provide a safe and inclusive therapeutic space for clients of all sizes, races, genders, sexualities, and abilities and to serve as an ally in ways that feel helpful to my clients.

We will work collaboratively to challenge diet culture beliefs, to explore and process potential harm caused within medical or social experiences, and we will help you regain a connection with your body. It is also my mission when possible to work collaboratively with other health providers who also align with HAES principles should others be a part of your treatment team.

More information on HAES principles can be found at: